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  • Olodumare — es el Dios supremo de la religión yoruba. Contenido 1 Atributos 2 Manifestaciones 3 Ofrendas y bailes 4 Libros …   Wikipedia Español

  • Olódumaré — Olorun (Olódùmarè, Odumare, Olófi) ist in der Religion der Yoruba der Schöpfer der Ashé und der Orishas. Er ist ohne ein bestimmtes Geschlecht. Er ist zusammen mit den Orishas und den Ahnen (égún) im Himmel (òrun), aber nur die Orishas Obatala… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ogboju ode ninu igbo olodumare — is a mystery novel written by D.O. Fagunwa. It was published in 1949 and is his second novel.[1] The name translates to The Forest of God . References ^ D.O. Fagunwa . Brittanica. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/200205/DO Fagunwa?anchor …   Wikipedia

  • Yoruba religion — The Yorùbá religion comprises the original religious beliefs and practices of the Yoruba people. Its homeland is in Southwestern Nigeria and the adjoining parts of Benin and Togo, a region that has come to be known as Yorubaland. During the… …   Wikipedia

  • Ifá — El sistema de adivinación Ifa Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Nombre descrito en la Lista del Patrimonio Inmaterial …   Wikipedia Español

  • Ifá — Sixteen Principal Odu Name 1 2 3 4 Ogbe I I I I Oyẹku II II II II Iwori …   Wikipedia

  • Orunmila — In the Yoruba religion, Orunmila is the Yoruba Grand Priest and custodian of Ifá. This source of knowledge is believed to have a keen understanding of the human form and of purity, praised as being often more effective than remedies; his… …   Wikipedia

  • Orisha — This article is about a type of spirit. For other uses of Orisha / Orixa, see Orisha (disambiguation). An Orisha (also spelled Orisa or Orixa) is a spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba spiritual …   Wikipedia

  • Oduduwa — Omoluabi, Olofin Adimula, Emperor of the Yoruba, phonetically written by his people as Odùduwà and sometimes contracted as Odudua or Oòdua, is generally held among the Yoruba to be the reigning ancestor of the crowned Yoruba kings.[1] Emperor… …   Wikipedia

  • History of the Yoruba people — Ancient historyThe African peoples who lived in Yorubaland, at least by the 4th Century BC, were not initially known as the Yoruba, although they shared a common ethnicity and language group. Both archeology and traditional Yoruba oral historians …   Wikipedia

  • Yoruba (Religion) — Tempel im heiligen Hain der Göttin Osun Die Religion der Yoruba ist der Ursprung einer ganzen Reihe religiöser Traditionen, die heute hauptsächlich in verschiedenen Ländern Amerikas blühen. Zu diesen afroamerikanischen Religionen gehören Vodoun… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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